Join Miriam Swimwear and earn a 20% commission for every referred sale.

Level PeopleYour Earnings
Level 15 people$300
Level 225 people$750
Level 3125 people$3000

This means that you get $60 for every swimsuit you sell. But that’s not all!

You can invite other people to become distributors like you. You get a 50% of the commissions of the people you invite and 40% of the commissions of the people they invite. Let’s do simple math: If you invite 5 people, you get $300. But what happens if they invite 5 people and the people they invite bring 5 people each:

Let's do the same, but this time if you invite 10 people and they invite 10 people each:

Level PeopleYour Earnings
Level 110 people$600
Level 2100 people$3000
Level 31000 people$24 000
$27 600

You can have 20 levels below you and an unlimited number of distributors on each level.

My story

I’ve always been an artist. However, I couldn’t pay my bills being an artist, and I had to work jobs that I hated to be able to pay my bills. These jobs consumed all my time and energy, and I had no time for the things I really enjoyed.

One day I asked myself: “What if people had a choice for an alternative way of earning money, allowing them to have time freedom and didn’t depend on any boss?" I did a research and found out that the only way for that is using a leverage reward system.

This allows you to receive a percentage of other’s people labor and frees you from the 9-5 working schedule.

This is exactly what I and my team do!

We create freedom through a fashion swimwear brand featured in Vogue.

To join us, you need to sign up and buy just one swimsuit from Miriam Swimwear.

 When you make your purchase, your registration will be confirmed, and you will get special training materials. We like to reward the action takers.

This is why the first 30 people that sign up today will get a unique code for 50% off, valid for 24 hours!

You can try our business for 60 days; if it is not for you, you get your money back!

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