Do you want a life you don't need a vacation from?

With Miriam Swimwear, you can create the life you desire.

You don't have to change! Continue recommending the things you like. 

The only difference is that when you share our brand with someone and he purchases, you get paid.

If your friends want to be distributors like you, you could invite them to become distributors too.

You get a 50% of the commissions of the people you invite and 40% of the commissions of the people they invite. Let’s do simple math: If you invite 5 people, you get $300. But what happens if they invite 5 people and the people they invite bring 5 people each:

Level PeopleYour Earnings
Level 15 people$300
Level 225 people$750
Level 3125 people$3000

Let's do the same, but this time if you invite 10 people and they invite 10 people each:

Level PeopleYour Earnings
Level 110 people$600
Level 2100 people$3000
Level 31000 people$24 000
$27 600

My mom warned me when I got my first job. She said, “They will just use you and then throw you away when they no longer need you. If you get ill or are unable to work, they will just fire you or stop paying you”. 

So, I said to myself: “Let’s compare the results with the results from my traditional work 5 years from now if I help just 1 person per year to earn extra money and he helps 5 more people. 5 years from now, I will have 3125 people in my network even with minimal efforts, while no matter how hard I work in my traditional work, there will be just one person-me”.

Having my network of people brings much more security than just counting on a single job.

You can join us too and celebrate our successes together!

To become a distributor, purchase a swimsuit and get a special gift from Miriam Swimwear.

We have a special discount only for distributors!

Use the code Miriam70 to get a 70% off on any swimsuit we offer!

Once you find your first customer, you get your money back!

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